Why is SEO So Important For My Website?

The better a page is positioned in the search engines, the greater the likelihood that the user will click on the link. At the same time, this means that the chance of a higher number of visitors to your website is increased.

Imagine you want to buy a case for your iPad. First, search the internet for “iPad cases”. Where do you click next? We are sure that you will access the first search engine results directly. If these results don’t convince you, you’ll probably change your search to “buy an iPad case” instead of going to the second or third page of results.

Now do you understand why putting your website first is so important? SEO positioning is one of the main strategies to increase the number of visitors to your website. The more visits you get, the greater the chances of attracting new customers and increasing sales.

Why is SEO so important for my website?

Understanding what SEO is and developing a good strategy is important for the future of your brand .

According to one of the best seo services in Dubai, here are some reasons to use SEO:

1.  Increase your visibility.

Imagine you manage to rank your website with 500,000 monthly searches for a given period of time.

The first search engine result that appears accounts for 20% of clicks, which means you get 100,000 organic monthly visits at no extra cost.

2. Improve your site.

Web positioning techniques not only improve your site for search engines but also for the users themselves.

So, improving user experience means improving your results. Accordingly, it is a long-term investment.

SEO optimization of your website has some initial costs. However, if you do manage to get your website among the first positions, you have a fantastic source of quality traffic at no extra cost.

3. Make your website profitable.

Take advantage of the investment you made to create a website. Be it a lot of money, time or any other means you have put into creating your website. Of course, it makes sense to set the goal of getting as many users as possible.

4. Increase your influence on social networks.

Web positioning creates synergies with social media. This is because the links shared on social media use titles and descriptions that you have tweaked as part of your positioning strategy.

5. Build trust and credibility.

Domain authority and relevance are the most important factors of SEO.

When your site appears in the top search results, users know it’s a site that has the information they’re looking for and is approved by many users. This gives them the confidence they need to become a customer.

Consequently, SEO can be measured and optimized. It is therefore possible to evaluate the results of all the techniques and factors that appear in your SEO. This is relevant for determining which techniques produce the best results and for correcting techniques.

7 techniques to use SEO and improve your search engine positioning

It is important to know what major search engines like Google take into account when analyzing and positioning a website.

1. Why is SEO so important for my website?

The user experience

User experience is one of the most important factors and has become more important over time.

When your visitors have a good experience on your website, they spend more time there. This also increases the chance that they will visit your website again later.

So Google pays attention to user experience and takes into account whether users like the content of a website or not.


2. Web Optimization

An optimized website is important to improve speed and loading times .

This also directly affects the previously mentioned point; the user experience.

3. Domain Authority

BluCactus Domain Authority-1.

Domain authority mainly refers to the notoriety or popularity of your website.

If your website   contains content that adds value, users will spontaneously share it. Google finds this approach interesting and takes it into account when positioning.

Now that you know what’s important at Google, it’s time to start thinking about your own business.

Here are some techniques that are important to improve your site’s search engine positioning.

4. Create quality content.

Creating quality content is important whether you want to improve your on-page SEO or your off-page SEO.

Original and interesting content is a great way to attract visitors to your website. Besides, it also helps you to share this content on social media and get quality backlinks to your website.

5. Choose a good hosting.

A good hosting platform is essential when it comes to optimizing or improving the loading times of a website.

For example, if you have a business website, blog with a lot of visits, or an e-commerce business, a professional hosting plan might be the best option for you.

However, if you have an advanced project with high traffic, a VPS with SSDs will greatly improve your site’s performance.

6. Optimize images.

Images are a fundamental element of your website.

They attract the attention of visitors, make your content easier to understand, and add value to your website.

However, you need to know how to optimize them. Alt and title tags are necessary for Google’s interpretation. So never forget them!

7. Use keywords correctly.

If you know what keywords are used to search for information, you can create relevant content based on those terms.

Identify the keywords and add them correctly to your website’s tags.

The important thing is to absorb these words naturally. Google can detect abuse or inconsistent usage and penalize your site as a result.


As we have seen, a search engine optimized website will help you maintain a good position in Google SERPs and get more visits to your page.

Ultimately, SEO is a website’s most important organic traffic channel.

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5 Journalistic Techniques To Raise The Level Of Your SEO Content

A significant amount of time, effort, expertise, or talent. 

This is what it takes to create high-quality content in Google’s own words.

In fact, the official guidelines they give their raters constantly include these 4 elements —time, effort, expertise and talent— as basic criteria that make the difference between high and low quality content.

In other words…

There are no miracle tricks to help us create better SEO content.

It is not a big surprise. It is something that all of us who are dedicated to content marketing and SEO know and that Google has repeated ad nauseam. Just like the content creation strategy for Damascus Steel Knife as resulted in massive sales and growth for the business.

But it is difficult to accept it and it is difficult to put it into practice.

What does it mean to create quality content? What does it really mean?

  • On the one hand is the what: understand the audience, know what they want and give it to them.
  • On the other is the how: to understand how you prefer to consume the content, how it should be written or structured so that reading is entertaining and attention is maintained.

To answer these two questions, marketers need to think a little less like marketers and a little more like journalists.

Why not be inspired by the sector that leads the production of quality content?

The media and journalists understand better than anyone the business of audiences and how to work information to gain their attention.

And they know how to produce multiple items simultaneously (sometimes on the same day) following high quality standards.

So there may be no shortcuts or hacks, but if we talk about quality, these 5 journalistic techniques could help you raise the level of your SEO content.

1. Choose the angle better

There are endless possibilities for tackling a topic. And when a journalist writes a story or a report, he does so by deciding what information he is going to leave out and what is going to stand out.

That is, you select a certain point of view, the one that you consider most interesting for your audience at a certain time.

That point of view is what is known in journalism as an angle.

And the importance of the angle in SEO content is vital, although it is a topic that you probably have not heard much about.

In fact, of the six criteria Rand Fishkin sets for 10X content – content that is 10 times better than the best organic result for a given keyword – three are closely related to angle.

To find the best angle for SEO content, you need to research two things: what angles have already been used and what other possible angles could be used to satisfy that search intent.

Investigate which angles others have chosen

SEO is a competition discipline. The space in the top positions of the rankings is limited, therefore if you want to make a hole you have to do something different, something better.

And although there are different ways to differentiate, one of the most basic and simple is through the angle.

Tip: review the top 10 Google results for the keyword you want to rank for and analyze its format and angle: news, analysis, listicle (‘the top 10 …’), in-depth article, chronology, etc.

Find other useful angles to satisfy your search intent

The ultimate goal of good SEO content is to deliver a satisfactory answer for a given search intention, and in that sense, not all angles work equally well.

Imagine you’re writing an article about online visual content creation and design tools for marketers. These are some possible angles:

  • History of online design tools
  • What are online design tools and what are they for?
  • Top 10 Free Visual Tools Rated by Marketers
  • Basic design guide with online tools for marketers

The four angles are valid, but the first two seem less interesting than the last two: they are less practical and in this case the search intention is associated with knowing visual tools (the newest, the best …) and / or learning how to use them. .

Tip: What are the most useful angles for your audience? Among these, choose one that has not been used by your competition yet. If it is not possible, decide in what aspect you are going to surpass your competition (quality or originality of the information, extension, etc.).

2. Highlight the news

It does not matter if it is journalism or SEO content. The information should always be useful and valuable to an audience, so it is necessary to understand what aspects of the topic make it newsworthy or relevant.

Why is it worth talking about? What is the interest? 

There is no single answer to these questions, but in journalism the news usually has to do with one of these aspects:

  • Is it something new or different
  • It’s something that has changed
  • It is recent or recently discovered
  • Causes an impact or affects the lives of a group of people

In the case of SEO content, we do not deal as often with news as with practical and actionable content that intends to be useful, but we can enhance the newsworthy by highlighting:

  • The problem for which a new solution is provided
  • Unexplored opportunities related to the topic
  • Original or underrepresented related viewpoints
  • The consequences and impact of the topic on the audience

Another option is to link the topic to a particular date, time of year, event, or trend.

Have you noticed that the media writes more about diets after the summer holidays and Christmas?

They deliberately exploit the time factor and the reason is simple: there are times when a topic becomes more relevant and generates more attention.

hink about how you could relate the topics you want to write about with what is happening today and with the most important dates.

For example, if you are publishing an article about the best copywriting books for marketers, maybe you can take advantage of one of these moments:

  • The international day of the book (April 23).
  • The day the death or birth of David Ogilvy, one of the best copywriters in history, is commemorated.
  • Just before summer (to focus on as a summer reading list).

In addition to the novelty and the time factor, journalists often highlight other newsworthy details that act as magnets for attention.

This is particularly important in the context of content oversaturation in which we live.

Tip: guide your audience’s attention to the most relevant parts of the content by highlighting eye-catching elements such as titles and subtitles, relevant statistics, actionable tips or surprising data.

3. Contact expert sources

A source of quality information is for a journalist what sap is to plants: an essential nutrient.

To write quality SEO content, we must go beyond online research and offer expert points of view and opinions.

And this, again, is not said by a journalist or a marketer. Google says it in that quality guide that I mentioned at the beginning of the post.

“The highest quality pages and websites have a very high level of expertise or authority, or are highly reliable.” 

Or what is the same: for Google, quality content and expertise go hand in hand.

Obviously, this depends a lot on the subject and the sector for which it is written and the knowledge that the author himself has.

It is not the same to write about the best gifts for Father’s Day than about the evolution of investments in artificial intelligence.

But what does expertise and authority mean in your field? Who are the experts in your sector? Where can you find reliable sources of information?

Just like a journalist would, the best thing you can do to create relevant, reliable and quality content is to talk to the experts.

In content marketing, we call this contacting Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), who are those people who know a certain topic from top to bottom.

Depending on the subject, SMEs can be from commercials or managers of your company, to specialized journalists, through scientists or members of an organization.

Tip: identify the possible experts with whom you could talk about a certain topic, prepare your questions and interview them in person or by video call or email. Edit their responses and use them in content as part of arguments and as expert quotes.

4. Use storytelling

The stories usually include details that help to visualize a scene, elements of change and / or conflict that maintain tension and a more descriptive prose that tries to involve the reader and create an emotional bond.

All these elements can have a great impact when it comes to improving vital metrics for SEO content such as bounce rate, time on page or the number of pages per session.

And it turns out that in English news stories or articles published by the media are called news stories… by chance? No way.

Journalists are professional storytellers.

They know how to discover the conflict, the change or the potential that is hidden behind a topic and turn it into a story that connects with the audience. That’s what all good writers – journalists, novelists, or content marketers – actually do.

But as much as it is fashionable to talk about storytelling in marketing, this is a point that is still difficult to apply to SEO content.

Especially in the case of B2B content, when we are not dealing with human interest topics, but highly specialized and technical topics. In these cases, finding an attractive way to tell the story costs more.

However, journalists manage to give that magic touch to any subject in which they propose it. It is a matter of perspective.

For example, consider introducing a blog post.

You can open the article with basic or statistical data on the topic you are going to talk about. But you can also start by telling a personal story that is related to the topic.

Check out these two examples of storytelling applied to blog post introductions.

Both start from personal experiences apparently unconnected with the subject to create expectation and include small details, which might seem expendable, but add color and flavor.

5. Become a good editor

Half journalist, half marketer.

That would be the ideal definition of the content editor, a figure that companies with more sophisticated content strategies already have.

One of the requirements for effective SEO content is that it be entertaining. That is, not only useful, but engaging and enjoyable to read.

And that’s where a good editor comes in, whose mission is to make the reading experience optimal.

What if you don’t have the resources to hire an editor? A good SEO content writer can also take on this role.

Editing involves making many small changes, but the fundamental idea behind all of them is the same: discard the parts of the content that do not contribute and rearrange what is left in the best possible way.

Does your sentence spark joy? Editing is like applying Marie Kondo’s method to writing.

Tip: if you are going to assume the role of editor yourself, think about everything that is not necessary and eliminate it. Mercilessly. More specifically, you should look for:

  • Phrases or paragraphs that are repeated. Even if it is not in the same words. Why waste the reader’s scant attention?
  • Explanations that are left over. This depends on the context, but think about how much information the reader needs to understand the idea in your head and give it to them. No more no less.
  • Specialized jargon or complicated words. Ask yourself if you can use words that don’t require additional explanation.
  • Very long sentences. Are you sure there is no way to put it in fewer words?
  • Complex ideas. Are you sure there isn’t a simpler way to say it? Think about whether it is possible to explain it through analogies, metaphors, or examples.

As you can see, SEO content writers and marketers have a lot to learn from journalists.

The purpose of news is to convey stories that are new, relevant, valuable and have an impact on the lives of those who read it.

In the case of SEO content, we should aspire to the same.

We have a business objective, there is deep keyword analysis and technical optimization behind it. But none of this works if the content does not have a purpose, if it is not useful, if it is not of quality.

Are vacuum cleaners available for concrete floors in the market?

best concrete floor vacuum

Device noise

Depending on where you live, sometimes it is advisable to take into account the decibels that your device has, since if you are in a chalet it may not be necessary, but in a small apartment where you can disturb the neighbors, it is something to keep in mind and what the OCU emphasizes.

You have quite a few models that take great care of this aspect being silent best concrete floor vacuum cleaners: although they continue to emit sound, this is much less, so from one room to another it does not bother so much.


Discover the best brands and types of smart robot vacuum cleaners for concrete floor:

  • Best robot vacuum cleaners for pet hair
  • Good and cheap robot vacuum cleaners for concrete floor
  • Best robot vacuum cleaner for berber rugs
  • Best Spanish robot vacuum cleaner for concrete floor
  • Best robot vacuum cleaner with mapping
  • Best Cecotec robot vacuum cleaner for concrete floor
  • Best Roomba robot vacuum cleaner
  • Best Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner for concrete floor

Broom vacuum cleaner for Concrete floors

They are also known as upright vacuum cleaners for concrete floors and stand out because they have less powerful suction than a corded model, but they have the advantage that they incorporate a battery and are completely wireless. If you are going to choose this option, compare powers, autonomy time and accessories included.


Here are our opinions on the different types and brands of broom vacuum cleaners for concrete floor:

  • Best 2-in-1 broom vacuums
  • Good and cheap broom vacuums for berber rugs
  • Best Corded Broom Vacuums for concrete floor
  • Best cordless broom vacuum cleaners
  • Best Rowenta Broom Vacuum for concrete floor
  • Best Taurus Broom Vacuum

Handheld vacuum cleaner for concrete floor

These are very light vacuum cleaners for concrete floor that do not need a bag because the tank is a compartment of the device itself. They are not very powerful, but useful for cleaning the dirt from the table after meals, for the sofa, the bed and even to clean the car or the PC. 


Here are what for us are the best brands of handheld vacuum cleaners for concrete floors on the market:

  • Good and cheap hand vacuum cleaners
  • Best Black and Decker Handheld Vacuums

Bagless vacuum cleaner for concrete floor

The bagless vacuum cleaner for concrete floors models are, today, the most popular because they accumulate dirt in an easy-to-clean deposit that makes it much more comfortable and a cheaper option because you do not need to be buying spare parts.

However, you should bear in mind that if there are allergy sufferers at home. If you do not have this problem, in the middle of 2020, we would choose to buy it without a bag.

Cordless vacuum cleaner for concrete floor

Known as cordless vacuums or cordless broom vacuum for concrete floors, it is a rechargeable battery product that does not require cables to operate. They are ideal for small houses and very comfortable for quick cleaning, although the little autonomy of some models makes it difficult to clean the whole house.

Industrial vacuum cleaners for concrete floor

If you need an industrial vacuum cleaner for concrete floors because you are a professional and at certain times you must take care of cleaning both liquids and solids, here are some models that will be of great help.


Is the cleaning of Berber Carpets possible or not?

best vacuum for berber carpet and pet hair

What Types of Vacuum Cleaners Are There?

The practical everyday helpers are available in an abundance of different designs, which differ mainly in terms of their dust absorption and functionality. Which device is the right one depends on the respective requirements, the intended areas of application, and the conditions at the place of use, as every type of vacuum cleaner for berber carpets has its own specific advantages. Find out in our guide what is important when buying a vacuum cleaner for berber carpets.

Anna and Melville Bissell drove the first vacuum cleaner for berber carpets called “Carpet Sweeper” in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, on a horse-drawn cart from house to house in 1876, using it to pump the dust out of their customers’ homes by hand. The American inventor James Murray Spangler patented the forerunner of the modern vacuum cleaner with suction and rotating brush to the Hoover company in 1908. In the 1950s and 1960s, portable cylinder vacuum cleaners for berber carpets known today found widespread use.

For many consumers, vacuuming is one of the least popular household chores. It would be all the more annoying if the floor hardly looked cleaner after the laborious cleaning. A vacuum cleaner for berber carpets should have good suction power and reliably remove dirt from the surface.

In a nutshell: vacuum cleaners for berber carpets with all requirements:

best vacuum for berber carpet and pet hair

Cylinder vacuum cleaners for berber carpets are unreservedly suitable for every household, as they provide the best vacuum for berber carpet and pet hair, most comprehensive, and thorough suction. Cylinder vacuum cleaners are also available in many sizes, with different filter systems and a wide range of additional equipment, which is why there is a suitable model on the market for both small one-room apartments and multi-story houses.

Upright vacuum cleaners for berber carpets are a practical addition for those who often have to remove small mishaps such as tipped sugar bowls or chip crumbs on the couch or who have a car that they want to clean easily. They do not have an imperative for consumers to whom none of the above applies.

Stick and stick vacuum cleaners for berber carpets are quickly accessible additional devices in larger apartments or houses, which are mostly designed as cordless vacuum cleaners and are therefore particularly mobile. Even in small apartments that should not necessarily be completely covered with deep-pile carpets, they are space-saving alternatives to the bulky canister vacuum cleaner for berber carpets.

Vacuum cleaner for berber carpets robots are likely to be real household helpers, especially for busy consumers or families of several people, as the little robots scurry across the floor every day and clean it independently, so that manual vacuuming with the cylinder vacuum cleaner is not necessarily quite as often – a valuable (but expensive) time saver.

In the following, we offer a detailed presentation of each type of vacuum cleaner for berber carpets including the respective advantages. The detailed information offers interested consumers an orientation about which models are really useful for their household, which filter type they should choose for their health, and which additional features the manufacturers offer real added value.

Essential Aspects Of Graphic Design in Digital Marketing

Although graphic design and digital marketing seem to be two concepts that do not go together, in reality, this is not the case. The visual elements are very important , since the better they are worked on, the more effect they will have on the users’ purchase decision. Likewise, an online store or a website needs digital marketing to be able to define a strategy that allows them to achieve certain sales objectives.

For all these reasons, if until now you considered that these two terms had nothing to do with each other, today we want you to discover some essential aspects of graphic design in digital marketing. Knowing them will allow you to gain visibility, attract more customers and increase the sale of your services . Interesting, right?

Graphic design in digital marketing

As a graphic design company we will tell you that this is a very important factor, since it will be the image that you project of your brand on the web. Shuffle the different possibilities on the logo, its colors, the shape of the letters, the contrast, the arrangement of the images, etc. All this is important to attract the attention of users and that you can guide them towards the action you want them to do (buy a product, subscribe to the newsletter, follow you on social networks …).

Likewise, we could define digital marketing as the showcase. However, this must be very well defined so that potential clients stop to look and stay to pry a little about what they can find. For this, graphic design in digital marketing is essential.

Gain visibility

One of the important aspects of graphic design in digital marketing is that it allows you to gain visibility. This is very necessary if you are a brand that has been born recently and you need to stand out from all the competition that you can find. To do this, you have to combine these two concepts.

The graphic design that will allow you to create accessible, attractive and clickable publications. Likewise, it will help you to work on the logo, the choice of colors and everything that allows you to build a differentiated brand with personality. If you focus on this, you will start to gain more visibility.

The time factor

Your potential clients are not used to waiting. If they enter your page and social networks and find mediocre designs and an excess of text, they will go without thinking to other options. For this reason, working on graphic design in digital marketing is so important. You have to save your users time and offer them an accessible environment .

Although we could believe in the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”, the truth is that the text is very necessary. Above all, when we work on digital marketing. You should not write long or boring texts, but they should be clear and answer the questions that your users may ask about your services or products.

For example, if a client enters your social networks (your business is destined to compare household appliances and offer the best options) they will want to find clear images that reflect what your brand offers them. If this is not the case, he will not stay for a minute.

An important step

Despite the great competition that you may find yourself with, there are many companies that have not yet made the leap to the digital world. As Bill Gates said, “If your business is not on the Internet, your business does not exist. ” For that reason, it is so important that you work on graphic design in digital marketing as soon as possible.

The vast majority of people today, the first thing they do when they want to make a purchase or hire a service is to use their mobile or computer to see what options they have. That’s where you have to be the best seller! If you have a careful graphic design, you speak clearly and your website reflects that you can solve the problem for your users, then they will choose you!

Remember that you are here to satisfy a need that they have or a problem that they cannot solve themselves. For this reason, graphic design in digital marketing must reflect that purpose and your potential clients have to be clear about it. Do not forget that they are two elements that go together. The visual will catch the eye, the words and good marketing will catch them.

The balance between information and form

What you achieve with graphic design in digital marketing is a balance between information and form. Well, despite having a very well-defined strategy and that you already use little text (you may have even tried to make them very good copies), the engagement that your page continues to generate continues to fall short. Perhaps the problem is that it is not visually attractive at all.

Graphic design in digital marketing gives your website and your publications, everything, a professional appearance that transmits confidence, that is attractive and that awakens the desire of potential customers to buy the services or products that you offer them . It may surprise you what a good design can change. You will go from not generating any traffic and having very few sales, to the opposite.

Finally, we want to emphasize the word “trust” that we have mentioned. Well, another aspect of graphic design in digital marketing is that it allows you to expose yourself as a reliable brand. Keep in mind that your potential clients do not know you. The same thing happens to you when you discover a new store or are looking for someone to do the graphic design of your website, for example! What do you need to trust that person and know that the service they are going to provide you will not be disappointing?

If you already have the answer, this is what you should try to convey to your customers. For this, it is necessary that you work on graphic design in digital marketing. Do not forget. The results that you have had so far will give a radical change.

Are you getting a comfortable shave with an electric razor without irritation?

shave with an electric razor without irritation

An electric razor is an electric machine that trims body hair. They can be corded or cordless, and they can be battery-powered or rechargeable.

Shaver’s usually last longer, are portable, and come with various attachment options or extra features, for example, some have trimming and exfoliating attachments. And depending on the type of electric razor, you can choose a wet or dry shave.

shave with an electric razor without irritation

However, if you’re using an electric shaver and it runs out of battery, you’ll have to wait for it to charge or you’ll need to replace the batteries before you shave. Electric razors also tend to be larger, less portable, and more expensive than manual razors. Another disadvantage of using an electric shaver is that you may need to go over it more times to cut the hair since the blades are not exposed; This means that you won’t get as close a shave as you would with a manual razor, and you’ll need to shave more often to keep your skin smooth.

What is a manual shaver?

Using a manual razor is the fastest way to shave. These razors are very cost-effective and can be either rechargeable or disposable. If they are disposable, you can replace the entire razor after ten shaves or when the blade dulls. Refillable razors, on the other hand, have removable razor blade cartridges that you can easily replace when the blade dulls.

Shave with an electric razor without irritation is one of the downsides to using a manual razor is that you are more likely to cause irritation, cuts, or nicks when shaving than when using an electric razor. However, you can prevent nicks, cuts, and skin irritation by shaving properly.

Which is better: manual or electric razor?

shave with an electric razor without irritation

Both manual and electric razors can remove hair effectively, however, manual razors achieve a closer shave because they cut hair closer to the skin’s surface. The most important factor to consider is that the method you choose to wax is the one that best suits your lifestyle and shaving needs.

Which is faster to use: the manual or the electric shaver?

The easiest way to get a close shave is to use a manual razor. Manual razors remove hair in one stroke or multiple strokes, depending on the results you want, whereas if you use an electric shaver, you may need to go over the same area more times to achieve a close shave.

Which is safer to use: the manual razor or the electric razor?

Manual and electric razors are completely safe when used properly. However, because the blades of an electric razor are not as exposed as those of a manual one, the chance of getting a scratch is minimal. If this is an important factor for you, it may be best to consider getting an electric shaver.

Which is more efficient: the manual razor or the electric razor?

Manual and electric razors remove hair effectively, and either will work for a long time if you choose a quality one and follow the proper steps to shave.

No matter which one you choose, what’s more, important is choosing the hair removal tool that works best for you, based on how you prefer to shave. 

Get the best electric shaver for men, from Bestratedelectricshavers.

Ecommerce 101: an Essential Guide To a Thriving Online Business

Choosing from the wide variety of ecommerce options for your business can seem like an intimidating challenge. From plugins to online stores, finding the right choice for your specific needs can be a challenge.

The great thing about having many options is that you can be confident that you will ultimately find the perfect solution. To make it easier for you to get started, we have put together an “E-Commerce 101”. This article will explain everything you need to know about ecommerce, highlight the best ecommerce platforms, and let you know the ways to get started.

What is e-commerce?

Put simply, every time a payment is made over the internet, e-commerce happens. Sometimes referred to as e-business or internet commerce, e-commerce can involve many different types of payments, including the transfer of data and goods.

Why is e-commerce so important?

The importance of e-commerce is easy to explain when you look at today’s world. The internet has become the focus, or at least the setting for a large part of our lives. From entertainment and dating to grocery delivery to banking, our lives are now online. Now we don’t even need to go out and spend time to shop. Just in a blink of second you can order your favourite food, grocery items or even fashion items like Aldo shoes, Zara accessories, Bella contact lenses, Gucci bags and the list is endless. All this is happening because e-commerce has been a part of our lives. Even after the global pandemic COVID-19, the existence of ecommerce business is inevitable.

That’s why it makes sense for business owners to look into how their product or offerings can be translated online. As of 2020, around 59% of the world’s entire population were online – that’s a huge 4.45 billion people. You should aim to target and showcase your services to where potential customers are, and, as these numbers prove, they are highly likely to be online. According to Nasdaq, it’s thought that by 2040, 95% of shopping in the UK will be facilitated by e-commerce.

Take a closer look at how you can adapt your products or services to the online world.

What should be considered when choosing an e-commerce platform?

In the next section of this blog post, we’re going to analyze different ecommerce websites that you can look at and choose from. But first, let’s take a look at the characteristics of an ecommerce website and the things to think about to help guide your choice.

Website design

When choosing an ecommerce platform, the style and themes it can offer are important when deciding on a website or plugin. Different options allow you different ways of customization when it comes to things like logos, colors, product catalogs and custom designs.

If you are at the beginning of your ecommerce journey, a simpler interface would be ideal for you. It may sound negative when you have a limited choice of designs, but it allows you to focus on the important tasks that go into customizing your product or service for sale online.

On the other hand, if you’ve already started selling online, or if you have a little more web design experience, then more complex plugin integration could be a great option as it allows you to customize the interface to suit your brand and style.


Especially if you are just getting started in the ecommerce world with your first online store, it is crucial that you choose an ecommerce option that will provide good support with any questions you may have.

Whether it’s a technical support team to help you out when things go wrong, or a dedicated key account manager who keeps an eye on how your business is doing and you when needed help and advice – check the level of support you will get before choosing an ecommerce website.

Mobile suitability

Since your target audience will be viewing your products on small screens on their mobile devices and looking to shop there, it is important to consider which ecommerce website will give them the best experience.

Check how mobile-friendly the E-Comm platform can make your online shop. Does the design work? Are the pages easy to understand? Is it easy to choose, order and pay for products? All of these questions need to be considered when choosing your e-comm solution.


If you want your customers to trust your website and give out their banking information for orders and payments, you need to keep that information safe and secure.

You need to make sure that the way you take payments is fully compliant with the law and that the way you store data complies with the requirements of the GDPR.

Where to start

As mentioned earlier, there are a variety of options for business owners looking to get into the e-commerce space. First, let’s take a look at SumUp’s solution itself …

Online shop

A great starting point for e-commerce is the SumUp online shop “Starter” package. This option is especially fantastic for small business owners and people who already use social media to promote and advertise their products.

With the online shop “Starter” package you can start selling your products online with your SumUp account within a few minutes. This package makes it easy to create an online store where you can add your products, social media links, and shipping details. It can be activated in the SumUp app so that you can start making online payments quickly and securely.


Depending on the nature of your business, you might want to look for alternative options. For example, you may have already opened an online shop but would like to test other payment options, or you may want to work as a programmer so that building a website from scratch could be in your interest.

With SumUp’s integration products, partners can use our E-Comm API to accept card payments from customers via their own platform and thus create a well-rounded and networked omnichannel experience. Some of our e-comm partners that you should definitely consider are:


If you have already set up an online shop with the WordPress CRM system, then the SumUp plugin with WooCommerce is ideal for you. WooCommerce is a WordPress ecommerce plugin that is available for download. SumUp’s payment gateway for WooCommerce enables your website to accept payments in your online shop. The plugin is a simple option that allows for quick and easy integration with limited technical knowledge.

This option allows for customization and gives your customers the convenience of securely buying products from your website without being redirected to other pages. Payments are processed through the SumUp payment platform, so you can track your payment history through the SumUp dashboard.


Wix is ​​a great, out-of-the-box, all-in-one e-commerce solution. Its simplicity and easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface make it the perfect choice for beginners and anyone with no programming experience. While WooCommerce requires some developer experience in order to be able to make significant changes, Wix has permanent templates and a dedicated team to introduce new features and fixes.

While Wix has a few more limitations when it comes to customization compared to WooCommerce, it has been designed and set up to be perfect for non-developers. You can put templates, plugins (including SumUp integration), security, and technology into one system, making setting up a professional e-commerce website simple and easy.


If you have previous web development experience, another great option is the open source ecommerce solution PrestaShop. Given the nature of the open source software, PrestaShop allows users to create fully customizable e-comm stores with no restrictions or limitations. There are also teaching materials and a support team available to help with all technical questions.

PrestaShop is integrated with SumUp as the payment provider for payments on your website, which means you can be confident that your e-comm finances are 100% safe and reliable. The user interface is easy to navigate so your customers can select items and then pay for them quickly and easily.

What’s next?

Whatever stage you are at in choosing an ecommerce platform for your business, SumUp can help. From the SumUp online shop for smaller companies to the numerous E-Comm integration partners that SumUp works with at larger retailers – we have the right solution for you.

Simply fill out the form below and our dedicated team will be in touch to start a conversation.

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How Lawn Mower for Hilly Yards works well?

How to use the riding lawn mower and which one to choose?

The riding lawn mower for hills considered one of the most indispensable tools for those who want to take care of their hilly area or their green space. Both for the professional and for the hobbyist user, there are many types of tools on the market to cut the turf. They can differ in the cutting methodology (with fixed blades, with floating blades, and also with the helical blades), in size (from small domestic lawn mowers, to medium-sized ones, to tractors), for power supply (push, electric, petrol, diesel), for the type of surface to be maintained (garden, golf, field, etc.), for the size (small, medium, large, very large).

Image of best zero turn lawn mower for hills

How and why choose a lawn mower that is best for you?

This is why, before buying lawn mowers for hills, it would always be better to know the use to be made of it: cut the small area of the hill, use it daily for professional purposes, and use it occasionally for mowing the tall grass. Another element not to be underestimated but which comes as a consequence from the previous ones is the weight and the consequent handling.

If you need to replace your old lawn mower or buy a new one, do not be immediately convinced by captivating writings, colors, and shapes but let yourself be suggested by a serious dealer, who knows how to advise you without taking advantage of your good faith. Firstly, you could also do a cognitive survey on the internet to understand what the market offers. The latter solution, however, could be misleading. Often reading industry forums, machine descriptions, and running around like crazy, you may get too confused. Better then ask your mower man what he would recommend since he already knows you and also knows your hilly area well.

You know what kind of lawn you have in your hilly area: a high-maintenance one with frequent cuts, a rustic one with very varied species and cuts every fortnight, an uncultivated one with occasional mowing. In the first case, the grass will be soft and easy to cut but with the need for well-sharpened blades. In the second case, an ordinary lawn mower with a good engine and also with good traction will do just fine. In the last example, you will need a machine with a more powerful engine, with a sturdy rather than the well-sharpened cutting deck.

Your hilly area is made up of Lolium and fescue, to have a good quality cut you will need a machine with high-performance, well-sharpened blades mounted on a good cutting deck. If you cut almost daily such areas, you could use riding lawn mowers for hills with a helical cutting unit. Excellent for the quality of the mowing but with the “defect” of not being able to cut the “tall” grass.

If you have a small hilly area, you could buy an electric, corded, or battery-powered lawn mower. In recent years, innovations in this kind of machine have occurred with increasing rapidity. Batteries with ever greater autonomy, increasingly reliable engines with low consumption. Remember that, there are many products present in the market but the relative classes, then are equivalent for the salient characteristics (electric hobbyist, medium professional, garden tractor for domestic use). If you have a lot of corners and tight turns, you could opt for a car with pivoting front wheels (which turn on themselves independently), which you will gain in handling.

Do not forget that it is always important to choose a quality product if our pockets allow it. It is better to buy a good quality and lightest lawn mower for hills so that you can carry it easily to the hilly areas.

Online Marketing: 6 Tips For Small Businesses

Marketing online for small businesses is not always easy. A limited budget as well as personnel and time reasons mean that compromises are necessary.

But especially for smaller companies, the Internet offers great opportunities to reach customers all over the world .

This post is about 6 tips for your small business that will help you become successful online.

The importance of online marketing 2020

Marketing has made a huge leap forward over the past decade. Most companies today have a website. If you want to play at the top, you should also offer your products online. For instance, a company selling wide area walk behind mower, also started selling lawn mowers online. Though lawn mowers are a slow consumer goods that need a lot of information to make a decision. People are now moving towards digitalized world where they can buy even large items online without leaving the premises of their home.

Corona has given the whole thing even more importance: never before in history has the online connection of people and companies been as important as this year.

Ten or twenty years ago, advertising on television, radio or in the print media was normal. Today most of the marketing activities are focused on the internet . Companies around the world are investing more and more of their advertising budget in online advertising and activities.

No wonder: 59% of all people in the world are now online. This means that you can theoretically reach over 4.5 billion people if you have an Internet presence.

Take advantage of these opportunities!

Here are 7 tips for your small business to become successful online:

1. Meet the requirements

Are you already online with your company? Do you have a website ? If so, great! You’re ready to go.

If not: First of all, take care of your website. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars building a website. There are a large number of providers of website builders on the Internet . Alternatively, you can hire someone to create it.

The important thing is to make sure that your website has a responsive design (this means that it is optimized for mobile viewing). It is important for Google and for your prospects that the site can be easily reached on the go.

2. What makes you special?

One of the most common questions is “How should I stand out from the crowd?”

I believe that every company is special .

You are definitely different from your competitors. Write down the things you do differently. Also write down the things you want to do differently.

Define your goals. Write a philosophy – why not?

This step cost me a lot of time (and nerves) when setting up my own business. But it made my head clear . Since then I have known who I am, what I can do, what I would like to offer and who I want to work for.

So: what makes you special? Does your company work particularly environmentally friendly? Do you have a special service? An extraordinary motto? Or do you have a special founding story? Go ahead, write everything down.

3. Use SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ensures that the 4.5 billion people find you online – when they look for you.

Make sure that is the case. For this, it is important that you deal with SEO and apply it .

If you don’t have time for SEO yourself, get advice on the options or hire someone to do it for you. This investment will usually pay off within two years.

4. Email Marketing

Don’t sigh. Email is still a very powerful tool for keeping your customers informed and in touch .

I know, I know: my e-mail inbox is just as cluttered with spam as yours. But do you know that too? There are these special newsletters that you enjoy every time they arrive. Those who offer you added value, who entertain or inform you .

And that’s exactly the point: make sure you send emails to prospects who are eagerly awaited: packed with solutions, information, and entertainment .

This is the only way you can make a name for yourself, stay in the memory of your target group and sell your products.

5. Social media

Do you already have a Facebook business page for your small business? If so, then fine. Otherwise: get one. You can do that with a few clicks. Share content there . That’s a good start.

In the second step, you should consider which social media platforms your target group is still using. Instagram? Twitter? Pinterest? Create accounts there. Get active and share content diligently .

When you have a little budget to spare, invest it in social media ads . So you can be sure that your content will also be seen.

6. Focus on high quality content

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “Content is King” before. Bill Gates made this statement in 1996 and to this day he has been proven right.

That means: Create high quality web content for your visitors on a regular basis , then you will be successful online.

The content should be genuine, helpful and of high quality .

Your readers are smart. They quickly notice whether you are interested in informing them or whether you just want to sell your product.

How to Download YouTube Videos Without Any Software?

YouTube is the best available website on internet for watching and downloading videos. You all must be using YouTube for years now but do you know that you can download videos from YouTube without any software?

Now there are lot of ways to download videos from YouTube but we are showing you few of easy to do that.

Method 1:

By just making a simple change in the URL You can download the YouTube videos very easily.

1. First open that particular video on YouTube that you want to download.

For example go to this URL – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmgiMtN8ptE

2. And simply add ‘ss’ in URL like this – https://www.ssyoutube.com/watch?v=kmgiMtN8ptE

3. And hit enter.

Note : To download any video from the YouTube, open video and add ‘ss’ after ‘www.’ in the URL.

The above link will take you to another website with download link. On right side of the page you will get different options to download video. Check screenshot below to see file formats available to download also click on ‘More’ to see more available different formats.

download youtube videos

4. Just click on any format type you would like to download and downloading will start with in few seconds.

video formats

If you want to download audio format of video just click on “Audio MP4 128

Method 2:

1. First copy YouTube video URL from browser address bar and go to www.file2hd.com.

copy youtube video url

2. Paste video URL in URL input.

3. Check mark “I have read and agree to the Terms of Service

4. Select format from Filter, select Audio if you want to download in audio format or select Movies if you want to download video formats.

paste url and chose right format

5. Click on ‘Get Files‘ button in front of URL input. It will show you some of URLs in the bottom of the page.

click on get files button

6.Check the right format you want to download and click directly on URL or right click on URL and select “Save link as“, it will ask you to save file just select the right place in your computer and hit enter or click on Save button.

right click and select save link as

Downloading will start with in few seconds.

Method 3:

1. Go to Force Download page and paste the URL of the video in the field provided and click on GO button.

2. Select the video format you want to download, select MP3 if you want to download audio format.

3. When you click on format, you will get a popup window asking you to subscribe for free, just click on ‘Continue without subscription‘. It will take you to download page.


4.  Wait while for the conversion process to end and the click on the Download MOV file link.

click on download MOV file

Happy downloading!!!!

Comment below if you are unable download video and find any difficulty to do this.

Share if this helped you. Thanks!