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Impact of HTML/CSS Validity on SEO

Search Engine Optimization is always on the run. There’s no such thing as an exact algorithm for this one. The results are continuously hopping from place to another. In fact, even Google made a statement about this. As of the moment, there are a number of factors affecting its existing algorithm. Here’s a number: OVER

Basics of HTML That You Need to Learn SEO

It wasn’t too long ago when I was sitting duck in the world of online marketing. For the most part, I heard that it was the next big thing. Without any second thoughts, I knew it was awesome. I tried to check out on what was going on. I knew there was something going on

10 Golden HTML Guidelines For SEO To Follow For Your New Site

The internet is scary. In fact, it’s intimidating especially for the new breeds out there. But that doesn’t change your resolve, does it? Anyone who runs a website wants to increase traffic ratings. This could lead to big things if it does happen. Bigger opportunities are present when you’re ranking all the way to the

Advantage of CSS in SEO

As an owner of a website, achieving the highest possible ranking is already a given goal. That shouldn’t be a problem, but there are millions of people with the same objective as well. The competition’s pretty tough. Looking closer at the situation, you’ll notice that the time of using table-based websites is about to end.