How Lawn Mower for Hilly Yards works well?

How to use the riding lawn mower and which one to choose?

The riding lawn mower for hills considered one of the most indispensable tools for those who want to take care of their hilly area or their green space. Both for the professional and for the hobbyist user, there are many types of tools on the market to cut the turf. They can differ in the cutting methodology (with fixed blades, with floating blades, and also with the helical blades), in size (from small domestic lawn mowers, to medium-sized ones, to tractors), for power supply (push, electric, petrol, diesel), for the type of surface to be maintained (garden, golf, field, etc.), for the size (small, medium, large, very large).

Image of best zero turn lawn mower for hills

How and why choose a lawn mower that is best for you?

This is why, before buying lawn mowers for hills, it would always be better to know the use to be made of it: cut the small area of the hill, use it daily for professional purposes, and use it occasionally for mowing the tall grass. Another element not to be underestimated but which comes as a consequence from the previous ones is the weight and the consequent handling.

If you need to replace your old lawn mower or buy a new one, do not be immediately convinced by captivating writings, colors, and shapes but let yourself be suggested by a serious dealer, who knows how to advise you without taking advantage of your good faith. Firstly, you could also do a cognitive survey on the internet to understand what the market offers. The latter solution, however, could be misleading. Often reading industry forums, machine descriptions, and running around like crazy, you may get too confused. Better then ask your mower man what he would recommend since he already knows you and also knows your hilly area well.

You know what kind of lawn you have in your hilly area: a high-maintenance one with frequent cuts, a rustic one with very varied species and cuts every fortnight, an uncultivated one with occasional mowing. In the first case, the grass will be soft and easy to cut but with the need for well-sharpened blades. In the second case, an ordinary lawn mower with a good engine and also with good traction will do just fine. In the last example, you will need a machine with a more powerful engine, with a sturdy rather than the well-sharpened cutting deck.

Your hilly area is made up of Lolium and fescue, to have a good quality cut you will need a machine with high-performance, well-sharpened blades mounted on a good cutting deck. If you cut almost daily such areas, you could use riding lawn mowers for hills with a helical cutting unit. Excellent for the quality of the mowing but with the “defect” of not being able to cut the “tall” grass.

If you have a small hilly area, you could buy an electric, corded, or battery-powered lawn mower. In recent years, innovations in this kind of machine have occurred with increasing rapidity. Batteries with ever greater autonomy, increasingly reliable engines with low consumption. Remember that, there are many products present in the market but the relative classes, then are equivalent for the salient characteristics (electric hobbyist, medium professional, garden tractor for domestic use). If you have a lot of corners and tight turns, you could opt for a car with pivoting front wheels (which turn on themselves independently), which you will gain in handling.

Do not forget that it is always important to choose a quality product if our pockets allow it. It is better to buy a good quality and lightest lawn mower for hills so that you can carry it easily to the hilly areas.

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