Basics of HTML That You Need to Learn SEO

It wasn’t too long ago when I was sitting duck in the world of online marketing. For the most part, I heard that it was the next big thing. Without any second thoughts, I knew it was awesome.

I tried to check out on what was going on. I knew there was something going on with rankings, codes, and keywords. The confusing part is – what are these for?

It’s normal to be confused on what to do. So to help you out, here are some basics you can use for a successful venture to SEO!

basics of html that you need to Learn SEO

Luckily, there are a lot of sources that can be linked to SEO. It may take most of your time, but this is an absolute must. Be sure the post you’re reading is all about the basics – nothing advanced.

It’ll cause confusion if you jump from one station to another. With that being said, let’s learn the basics on what HTML is.

What Is It About?

Simply put, it has the meaning of Hypertext Markup Language. This is being utilized by web developers worldwide as it provides the structure of a website.

Also, this can be used as a means of communication. For instance, on the particular stance, the content should appear. As well as the terms of images being displayed.

Here’s the important part. Bots capitalize on this code in order to understand what’s written on the page. When showing your page to the results, this gets this out from the HTML.

This is quite crucial. If you lack the information on how to properly use it, there’d be a negative impact on your site’s ranking.

Where Do We Begin?

It’s not an overnight success story. Being extremely familiar with how HTML works require a lot of time. Here are some of the basics you should at least be aware of:

  • Page Title Tag

You have no escape with this one as you’ll be asked to provide tags. Especially for SEO purposes. It’ll be the bridge to a higher drive in traffic. Also, it tells the search engine on what is it you’re trying to deliver.

It’ll appear on the browser tab. Remember, this is going to serve as the headline text. Make sure it’s nicely made.

  • Meta Description Tag

This appears just right under the title of the page. This gives the people an overall summary of what your website is all about.

Before anything else, the characters should only be in the range of 160. The keyword must be present in that.

  • Meta Keywords Tag

I’ll save you the trouble. This isn’t really significant now. This is showed on the third line of a widget. However, engines do not use this a factor in site analyzation.

In the past, people were typing it with random keywords. But while it isn’t important, it doesn’t mean you can’t place the keywords in.

  • H1 Tag

Consider this to be the head among all headers of your post. No matter what your web page is, you need to have a decent H1. If you ignore the main header, it’s going to be ruined in your SEO marketing.

  • Image Alt Attribute

Be sure every image you post on your website, it should have appropriate tags. This helps in ranking your website as search engines are able to tell what it is about.

  • Image Title Attribute

This lets you supplementary information regarding the image in question. If you’re using Firefox this usually shows up.

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