Online Marketing: 6 Tips For Small Businesses

Marketing online for small businesses is not always easy. A limited budget as well as personnel and time reasons mean that compromises are necessary.

But especially for smaller companies, the Internet offers great opportunities to reach customers all over the world .

This post is about 6 tips for your small business that will help you become successful online.

The importance of online marketing 2020

Marketing has made a huge leap forward over the past decade. Most companies today have a website. If you want to play at the top, you should also offer your products online. For instance, a company selling wide area walk behind mower, also started selling lawn mowers online. Though lawn mowers are a slow consumer goods that need a lot of information to make a decision. People are now moving towards digitalized world where they can buy even large items online without leaving the premises of their home.

Corona has given the whole thing even more importance: never before in history has the online connection of people and companies been as important as this year.

Ten or twenty years ago, advertising on television, radio or in the print media was normal. Today most of the marketing activities are focused on the internet . Companies around the world are investing more and more of their advertising budget in online advertising and activities.

No wonder: 59% of all people in the world are now online. This means that you can theoretically reach over 4.5 billion people if you have an Internet presence.

Take advantage of these opportunities!

Here are 7 tips for your small business to become successful online:

1. Meet the requirements

Are you already online with your company? Do you have a website ? If so, great! You’re ready to go.

If not: First of all, take care of your website. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars building a website. There are a large number of providers of website builders on the Internet . Alternatively, you can hire someone to create it.

The important thing is to make sure that your website has a responsive design (this means that it is optimized for mobile viewing). It is important for Google and for your prospects that the site can be easily reached on the go.

2. What makes you special?

One of the most common questions is “How should I stand out from the crowd?”

I believe that every company is special .

You are definitely different from your competitors. Write down the things you do differently. Also write down the things you want to do differently.

Define your goals. Write a philosophy – why not?

This step cost me a lot of time (and nerves) when setting up my own business. But it made my head clear . Since then I have known who I am, what I can do, what I would like to offer and who I want to work for.

So: what makes you special? Does your company work particularly environmentally friendly? Do you have a special service? An extraordinary motto? Or do you have a special founding story? Go ahead, write everything down.

3. Use SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ensures that the 4.5 billion people find you online – when they look for you.

Make sure that is the case. For this, it is important that you deal with SEO and apply it .

If you don’t have time for SEO yourself, get advice on the options or hire someone to do it for you. This investment will usually pay off within two years.

4. Email Marketing

Don’t sigh. Email is still a very powerful tool for keeping your customers informed and in touch .

I know, I know: my e-mail inbox is just as cluttered with spam as yours. But do you know that too? There are these special newsletters that you enjoy every time they arrive. Those who offer you added value, who entertain or inform you .

And that’s exactly the point: make sure you send emails to prospects who are eagerly awaited: packed with solutions, information, and entertainment .

This is the only way you can make a name for yourself, stay in the memory of your target group and sell your products.

5. Social media

Do you already have a Facebook business page for your small business? If so, then fine. Otherwise: get one. You can do that with a few clicks. Share content there . That’s a good start.

In the second step, you should consider which social media platforms your target group is still using. Instagram? Twitter? Pinterest? Create accounts there. Get active and share content diligently .

When you have a little budget to spare, invest it in social media ads . So you can be sure that your content will also be seen.

6. Focus on high quality content

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “Content is King” before. Bill Gates made this statement in 1996 and to this day he has been proven right.

That means: Create high quality web content for your visitors on a regular basis , then you will be successful online.

The content should be genuine, helpful and of high quality .

Your readers are smart. They quickly notice whether you are interested in informing them or whether you just want to sell your product.

Life is Priceless…Protecting it isn’t!

Before you consider investing, you should have a sound insurance plan in place. It’s a core need, just like having an “emergency” savings fund.

You cannot control the inevitable risks in life, but you can control how you prepare for them. Levels and Types of risks vary for each individual and business

Please note this information is General Advice only and should not be relied on.

Insurance and the Circle of Life

Insurance requirements vary at different life stages as the circumstances in your life change.

  • Your financial goals may alter or shift
  • You may feel that the income fluctuates as you switch different jobs
  • Over the course of time, your lifestyle changes
  • With the passage, your level of savings will alter
  • With time, your level of debt will change
  • You may have kids and a family to support
  • Your kids will grow up and become financially independent

As your circumstances change, insurance products and level of cover do need to be reviewed.

FAQ’s and things to consider

What are my current financial goals?

These financial goals help you in deciding what do you need to protect, and how do you need to protect it.

What is my current financial status, and do I have debts?

Essential to understanding what risks you can retain yourself and those that you cannot afford to happen.

What are the risks that are more considered as threats to me and my financial goals?

Assists in evaluating which insurance you need to understand the likelihood of certain risks affecting you.

How much money do I need? Will one of these risks occur?

To get know how regarding this, will help you establish the level of cover you need for each insurance product you buy.

Should I hold insurance in my Super Fund?

Some superannuation funds automatically provide you with a certain level of insurance. Some of the people expresses that the level of cover provided by superannuation is not enough to meet their needs and benefit declines over time.

Carefully consider if you can access insurance in the event of an insurable risk. For example, trauma insurance may not meet the requirements to be released from super to personal funds.

Who currently depends on my income?

Mentioning such, will help you establish the right type and level of cover you need.

Can I get an early payout if I’m terminally ill?

Most Death cover will pay out a lump sum on diagnosis of a terminal illness when your life expectancy is tend to be less than 12 months; if the payout is made and you then make an unexpected recovery, the money does not have to be returned.

Will things differ if I smoke?

Life insurance companies like their policyholders to be in good health so much that some companies have three different premium classifications: standard, preferred, or preferred plus. You receive more benefits such as lower premiums if you are super-healthy and haven’t smoked in five years. This is because quitting smoking reduces your chances of dying faster. Being just “normally healthy” requires that you haven’t used nicotine in the past three years and still gets you lower premiums.

Should I have Life Insurance inside my superannuation or outside?

There is no simple answer. Having Death and Total and Permanent Disability (“TPD”) insurance covers in superannuation would be beneficial to certain individuals depending on their personal circumstances.

Things to be aware of are:

  • Delays in receiving benefit payout as this will go through a superannuation fund
  • Preservation and access restrictions
  • Taxation of proceeds
  • Beneficiary status

Benefit is

  • Premium payments are tax effective as they can be made with pre-tax superannuation contributions rather than after-tax salary.

Please click on this link for a table summarising different types of insurance, the benefits, and some things to be aware of.

Download the Risk Insurance-summary table.pdf

As mentioned above, please note this information is General Advice only and should not be relied on. 

Outsourced Bookkeeping Services in UK– the basics do count!

outsourced bookkeeping services in uk

At the beginning of time man’s records of what had been collected, gathered and stored was through marks scraped on rocks or bundles of sticks. Hence the very first “book keeper was born”. We then evolved to abacus, papyrus scrolls, rock carvings and even inscriptions on tombs to count record and reconcile various possessions and transactions.

Today the companies offering services such as outsourced bookkeeping in UK have embraced cloud accounting with software such as QuickBooks Online and XERO that simplify and save incredible amounts if time!

So with the technology available today it is easy! If you are great at maths and love computers, then bookkeeping is for you…..or is it?

Unfortunately this is not always the case and although many bookkeepers in UK are experienced professionals many businesses end up with a very costly fix if this proves not to be the case.

Common errors and problems to avoid

  • Incomplete Bank Reconciliations resulting in grossly misleading information to the business owner …let alone the taxman

  • Petty cash being used as a general account to code transactions. Not only does this attract unwanted attention in the case of an audit, it is also a very large indicator that the accounts have not been given the due diligence legally required and reliability on reports would be highly questionable

  • Sales being accounted for twice via invoices being raised and not reconciled to amounts deposited. Tipping the taxman …not good.

  • GST claimed when it should not have been and not been claimed when it should have been. Whether this results in tipping the taxman or unintentionally dodging the taxman given that amounts of funds the ATO allocates to GST audits not a good place to be.

  • Cash expenditure on business expenses that never make it into the accounts…yes another tip to the taxman.

  • Late or even non-payment of Super, PAYG instalments, PAYG withholding, FBT, GST liabilities resulting in fines and Interest charges (we have in seen amounts in the tens, even hundreds of thousands, of dollars).

  • Business owners struggling with day to day accounts when energy spent on other areas of their business would produce much higher returns.

During early history accurate records could be a matter of life or death if supplies for winter were not recorded accurately or the pharaoh realised his provisions for the afterlife weren’t what he expected. The penalties are not so harsh in our modern world however accurate records are a part of every successful business.

Whether your accounts are in the cloud or on a traditional software programme if you are spending too much valuable time, lack confidence in the accuracy of your accounts or need any advice at all you can look for a bookkeeping company in London, Manchester or Boston and all across the UK.

8 Simple Ways Used By Seo Experts To Improve Your Business Website

Your website is a powerful tool since it’s the face of your company. Using all available marketing strategies is great, but they will all fail if your website is not just good, but amazing.

Having an online presence in today’s world is essential because customers use the internet to keep themselves informed. For such reason, there is an increasingly demand for seo experts across the world. Digital medium is expensive but if you look for seo expert in Pakistan or India then you can find some good affordable search engine optimization experts.

If you want to know how you can improve your business website take a look at some of these tips below:

Identify your core brand values

Identifying your core brand values is essential. Before even thinking about designing a website or paying someone to do it for you, you must conduct a market research that asks the audience what they like. The visual language on your site must represent your company’s values completely, and it must connect with your target audience. This could be done by taking the help of a digital marketing expert who can guide you along the way to market your product by identifying the brand values for your company.

Simple is better

Simple websites are not just a recent fad, they’ve been around for a long time, but only recently web designers noticed that people prefer using them. Cluttered and complicated websites will make your potential customer do business with some other company. Don’t try to communicate too much information on one page but put your company’s name, location and a phone number on every page of your website.

Start a blog

Starting a blog section on your site is a very good idea because you’ll get Google to notice you if you decide to use keywords that make sense and are connected with your business. On this blog talk about company’s news, but also include articles about recent industry trends, and even promote local businesses that are not your competitors. Who knows, they might even return the favor!

Contact your customers

Engaging customers is always a good idea because you get free marketing. Contact your most loyal customers, give them gifts, and ask them to write testimonials which you can put on your website. People love reading about other people’s first-hand experiences with companies, and you should exploit that fact.

Update the About Page

Even if you’re not aware of this, your About Page is probably the second most-visited page on your website. That means that this page is incredibly important and that it should be friendly. Put some fresh news about your company, new products, and even awards your company has won.

Make a 3D virtual tour

Customers nowadays expect to interact, explore and experience the products while sitting comfortably in their chairs, and that’s exactly what you should give to them. Real estate 3D virtual tours are perfect for real estate agencies, but they’re also useful for home builders, developers, hotels, and even museums.

Even if your company is not in a real estate business, you can still make use of this technology. By creating virtual showrooms filled with your products you’ll allow your customers to experience the products completely without having to be physically present in your store.

Include educational content

We all love learning something new, and your potential customers are not different. According to Renee Teller, online learning in the form of quizzes, web lessons or online discussions gives you a path to open conversation between yourself and your audience. Additionally, educational content will give you a chance to learn about your audience, and that can prove to be invaluable for your future marketing campaigns.

Write your own reviews

If you’re selling products online, don’t opt for using dull and classic manufacturer’s descriptions. Pour your soul into the words and let your customers know why your product is made and why they should buy it.

Always stay on top of trends, monitor your results, and don’t be afraid to adjust your website accordingly. Don’t be just another company, be a leader in the online presence.

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