Whtsapp – The smartest way to stay connected

It is said that there is no wall, no barrier which can keep us apart if only we communicate with each other. In today’s generation communication plays a major role in life. It is not surprising that whatsapp has worked up a storm in the communication world. This platform has become extremely popular. The success of this platform made the It giant, Facebook acquired whatsapp. That came as no surprise to the technology world.

The success of whatsapp cannot be written off easily. Right from business communication to keeping good relationship whatsapp has simply proved to be the best. Irrespective of the location, this platform has brought everyone close. You don’t need to worry about where you stay, you will be connected to your loved ones via whatsapp.

The great features deserve a special mention. You can chat, you can call, you can even video chat with your friends and family. Many people has successfully created brand loyalty via whatsapp. Wondering how? Just by communicating personally.

Whatsapp, the most popular online platform has not constrained its presence in the world of smartphones only. You can now get on the most happening platform, even if you are not using smartphone. How do you do that? Whatsapp has expanded its presence in the web world. You can easily install this chatting network on your PC or laptop and keep track of your friends and family.

You can follow some easy methods to install Whatsapp on PC :-

Before following the method of installing whatsapp on PC, you need to have an active whatsapp account.

  • You can install whatsapp using Whatsapp for desktop. This enables you to download it in Windows, Mac or Linux platform.
  • Open the official site of whatsapp on your PC. Here a page will open up asking you to scan the QR code on your mobile phone.
  • Now you need to go to the settings on your phone and choose the Whatsapp Web. You will find a QR code scanner.
  • Now scan the QR code on your PC.
  • Once you are done with the scanning, the Web Client will open up on your PC.
  • You are all set to use whatsappp from your Computer.

Your computer will keep you logged in till the time you log out of the application. You be able to use all the whatsapp features available on smartphone. You can now chat with your friends, see their status, there is simply no difference between whatsapp on PC and whatsapp on smartphone.

You don’t want to miss a single ping form your friends or relative. No worries. You can enable the whatsapp desktop alert. How do you do that?

  • Just below your whatsapp display picture you will find one blue banner saying “Get notification of new messages”, you need to turn on the desktop notification alert.
  • You can customize the alert by going to the top where you will find three dots. Click on the same choose notification from the options. You can enable the notification from here, choose the notification tone. If you get irritated with so many messages, you can disable the notification from the same drop down box.

A phone call is not always possible; it might cost you a great amount of money if you are making any offshore calls. But keeping in touch by just pinging a simple “Hi” is possible now.

Since you already know how to install whatsapp on pc you should not be waiting any longer to get in touch with your near and dear ones or maybe to increase your business. Just get on this platform to make life easier. Start using this networking platform today and you will know why it has become a part of everyday life.

Impact of HTML/CSS Validity on SEO

Search Engine Optimization is always on the run. There’s no such thing as an exact algorithm for this one. The results are continuously hopping from place to another.

In fact, even Google made a statement about this. As of the moment, there are a number of factors affecting its existing algorithm. Here’s a number: OVER 200 FACTORS.

With all the questions buzzing about on how it works, answering them all in just impossible. For now, let’s talk about the REAL impact of HTML/CSS on SEO.

What’s The Truth?

It’s no secret that search engines are one of the most convenient ways to search for specific services. No rocket science here.

If you have thought of a way which enables you to convert these leads which are on your website at an incredible speed, that would give you an end-result of more revenue!

It’s not written in the golden book. There are people who believe that one of the many factors affecting searches is owning a site that validates.

This could only mean on thing. Your website, in particular, obeys the desired format being given by the World Wide Web Consortium. This is the same organization that has power over the standards of the web.

Since we aren’t in a hurry, proceed to their website and check out your site. Don’t worry, it’s free. Go ahead over to their Validator Tool.

By the way, before you start a frantic craze because your website has some errors, it’s a common occurrence. These slips don’t give much of an impact.

Even our best pal Google gave out their stand. It’s not only a one-time thing, too. For a number of times, they return back the results for all of the pages. Yes, including pages which don’t validate.

Here’s How Google Works

Web owners have been asking questions if whether or not Google Bot cares about valid HTML at all. Now, this is quite surprising. Google has one representative, namely, Matt Cutts.

In a YouTube video, he has shocked all web developers and owners alike. Google only recognizes websites which have the best information.

Shockingly, Google doesn’t really care about how clean your website is being coded at all. However, there is a possibility that this would change.

He also stated that there’s a probability of seeing these two being connected. While it’s not a factor affecting ranks as of the moment, it CAN be in the near future.

One year after the video went viral, someone decided to do a test of his own. Shaun Anderson, a certified Marketing blogger, wanted to see for himself.

The test was to find out the result if whether Google wanted a valid HTML and CSS page or something similar without the validity.

After the test run, he found out that Google was fonder of the page which has been validated. Although, Anderson isn’t so sure about the results at the end.

He said that the reason behind the success of the validated page is because it was the last one being modified.

Keep Your Site Efficient and Appealing: The Do’s & Don’ts

As a web designer, your job is more than just creating a functional website – you need to run it, perform maintenance tasks and make it lucrative for visitors. Web design is not really something commonly taught at school and, although there are numerous courses available out there, the name of the game is mostly “research and learn on your own”. However useful feeling mistakes on your skin might be, it is always preferable to learn from other people’s errors and experience. Further are outlined do’s and don’ts for performing web design in an efficient and beneficial manner.


Irrelevant ads

Although ads practically are your bread and butter, as a web designer you need to place these with a certain level of modesty in mind. While, in truth, advertisements bring you money, choking your website with a ton of these will probably turn many of your visitors away. Instead, make sure you opt for those relevant to whatever you’re pitching and be reasonable in terms of quantity.

Wild colors

Going for a colorful, non-minimalistic design for a website doesn’t mean you should clog it with a whole bunch of different ones. Using more than 5 colors has a tendency to cause eye exhaustion and the sheer outlook can quickly turn overwhelming for even the youngest of internet users.

Goofy fonts and font sizes

No matter how laid back you want your page to look, using ridiculous fonts tends to cause your site to look unprofessional. Unless you’re selling comics, the infamous Comic Sans should be the last thing to use. With this in mind, the size of a font can make a world of difference – sure, having titles written in huge fonts can look interesting and funky, but opting for a font larger than 15 in size for your text will make your site look as if it is solely intended for the visually impaired. Instead, be reasonable and make sure you’re not using 10 different sizes.

Visual clogging

If you throw in a bunch of gifs and animations onto your page, not only are you making a website solely designed for those blessed with monster PCs, but also causing it to appear like a teenager’s Myspace page. Going wild with animations and gifs is a slippery slope towards making your page repulsive.


Eyes on the prize

Instead of pushing a ton of irrelevant ads onto your website, focus on what is important. Make the product or service you’re offering the focus of your home page. Keep things professional, as you keep your eyes on the prize, while allowing yourself some room for relevant advertisements.

Matching colors

This day and age, visual appearance is of top priority. Find the colors that match and don’t overdo with the number of those. Additionally, keep in mind that certain colors and shades have eye-tiring properties, so instead of going for that bright purple – yellowish combo, perhaps give a dark green a chance. Your page should not only be pleasing to the eye, but also provide visual resting place.

Appropriate fonts

When it comes to fonts, make sure that they are of a reasonable size. Although you should keep it simple with size variety, feel free to give large title fonts a go. However, perhaps the most important part of font browsing is choosing an appropriate color, which is directly connected to the previous tip. Fonts and website color schemes go together and should match perfectly, not making your visitors feel exhausted after a couple of read passages.

Smooth appearance

The best advice here, as digital agencies suggest, would be to go for a simple outlook, with a minor number of details, colors and other trivialities. However, if you’re not that into the minimalistic design, you can add a little bit of colorful content. This is not to say, however that you should clog your website with a ton of gifs and animations – if you are a web designer, chances are, you already will have animated advertisements out there, so overdoing it with the animated content will make your site a bit too flashy – and you don’t want it looking like Friday night Las Vegas, now do you?

Web design, much like any other profession dealing with things pleasing to the eye, is an art form. If you have a feel for the beautiful, make sure that you follow these tips and enjoy your life of a successful web designer.