How To Design A Website That Sells Eyeglasses & Sunglasses Online in Pakistan

Is it time for new lenses? It is simpler than you think to know how to do design an online store where you can sell unlimited number of glasses and sunglasses online! This following guide will support you every step of the way from finding the frames you want on the website to enter the key information for your prescription.

Learn what you need to do when you start selling glasses and sunglasses in Pakistan, to make sure that you’re confident that you have done the right work.

How Does It Work?

The way glasses are purchased online depends on the website you are using. The basic concept is to pick the color and the frame that you want. Then, select characteristics such as lenses, shape, etc. Many lenses are extra-long lasting, perfect for people who play or watch sport in other professions. Special coatings may also be ordered. Some are designed to shield the eyes from the sun’s damaging rays. While designing the online store, you need to keep check on the following above mentioned ideas.

Plugin to Upload Prescription and Measurements:

The next process is to enter the correction for each eye, the prescription detail. You may need to design a plugin where the user can upload their prescription of in another case they may fill their measurements. The plugin should include all the details such as eye sight number, the distance between your pupils etc. So the glass or lenses are correctly positioned in the frame.

Make sure you give your user a heads up that they should have a copy of their present, legitimate prescription glasses directly from auditory specialist before start shopping for new frames. Tell them that if you have no prescription, schedule an eye test with your eye doctor before ordering eyeglasses or sunglasses online. You can also source eyeglasses or sunglasses from Pakistan since the sunglasses price in Pakistan.

Searching For The Best Options:

Now you can visit the online aisles of eyeglass shops with your prescription in hand. Usually, you’ll first browse the frames, a process that can be simplified by allowing filters: gender, color (s), shape(s), height, etc. “The width of the frame should harmonize with the width of your face,” states an article published in Business Insider.

When you upload a picture of your profile, most stores will let you “try on” the different frames. You might as well have the option to use your webcam. It can help a lot, even if it just gives you a single, front-facing view of the design. So if you’re not sure what size is best, the majority of stores do have sizing devices that you can use.

Adjustments May Be Needed:

When the glasses are delivered, they might need to be changed to suit your face properly. This is where, head bowed in shame, and you’re going to have to walk back into an optometry location and ask for assistance.

You don’t need to mention, though, that you bought them online, simply because they need to be changed.

Never Forget to Review the Return Policy:

The frequently asked question for any online eyeglasses order: what happens if they’re not correct? Maybe the frames do not suit you well, or perhaps the lenses will be off. Or there is a possibility that you might not like them. Return Policy varies from store to store. For instance, provides a full refund no-questioned if you are unhappy with the order. If not, you can get one-time store credit for the total amount you paid — meaning you can try a new pair or product once more.

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