Why is SEO So Important For My Website?

The better a page is positioned in the search engines, the greater the likelihood that the user will click on the link. At the same time, this means that the chance of a higher number of visitors to your website is increased.

Imagine you want to buy a case for your iPad. First, search the internet for “iPad cases”. Where do you click next? We are sure that you will access the first search engine results directly. If these results don’t convince you, you’ll probably change your search to “buy an iPad case” instead of going to the second or third page of results.

Now do you understand why putting your website first is so important? SEO positioning is one of the main strategies to increase the number of visitors to your website. The more visits you get, the greater the chances of attracting new customers and increasing sales.

Why is SEO so important for my website?

Understanding what SEO is and developing a good strategy is important for the future of your brand .

According to one of the best seo services in Dubai, here are some reasons to use SEO:

1.  Increase your visibility.

Imagine you manage to rank your website with 500,000 monthly searches for a given period of time.

The first search engine result that appears accounts for 20% of clicks, which means you get 100,000 organic monthly visits at no extra cost.

2. Improve your site.

Web positioning techniques not only improve your site for search engines but also for the users themselves.

So, improving user experience means improving your results. Accordingly, it is a long-term investment.

SEO optimization of your website has some initial costs. However, if you do manage to get your website among the first positions, you have a fantastic source of quality traffic at no extra cost.

3. Make your website profitable.

Take advantage of the investment you made to create a website. Be it a lot of money, time or any other means you have put into creating your website. Of course, it makes sense to set the goal of getting as many users as possible.

4. Increase your influence on social networks.

Web positioning creates synergies with social media. This is because the links shared on social media use titles and descriptions that you have tweaked as part of your positioning strategy.

5. Build trust and credibility.

Domain authority and relevance are the most important factors of SEO.

When your site appears in the top search results, users know it’s a site that has the information they’re looking for and is approved by many users. This gives them the confidence they need to become a customer.

Consequently, SEO can be measured and optimized. It is therefore possible to evaluate the results of all the techniques and factors that appear in your SEO. This is relevant for determining which techniques produce the best results and for correcting techniques.

7 techniques to use SEO and improve your search engine positioning

It is important to know what major search engines like Google take into account when analyzing and positioning a website.

1. Why is SEO so important for my website?

The user experience

User experience is one of the most important factors and has become more important over time.

When your visitors have a good experience on your website, they spend more time there. This also increases the chance that they will visit your website again later.

So Google pays attention to user experience and takes into account whether users like the content of a website or not.


2. Web Optimization

An optimized website is important to improve speed and loading times .

This also directly affects the previously mentioned point; the user experience.

3. Domain Authority

BluCactus Domain Authority-1.

Domain authority mainly refers to the notoriety or popularity of your website.

If your website   contains content that adds value, users will spontaneously share it. Google finds this approach interesting and takes it into account when positioning.

Now that you know what’s important at Google, it’s time to start thinking about your own business.

Here are some techniques that are important to improve your site’s search engine positioning.

4. Create quality content.

Creating quality content is important whether you want to improve your on-page SEO or your off-page SEO.

Original and interesting content is a great way to attract visitors to your website. Besides, it also helps you to share this content on social media and get quality backlinks to your website.

5. Choose a good hosting.

A good hosting platform is essential when it comes to optimizing or improving the loading times of a website.

For example, if you have a business website, blog with a lot of visits, or an e-commerce business, a professional hosting plan might be the best option for you.

However, if you have an advanced project with high traffic, a VPS with SSDs will greatly improve your site’s performance.

6. Optimize images.

Images are a fundamental element of your website.

They attract the attention of visitors, make your content easier to understand, and add value to your website.

However, you need to know how to optimize them. Alt and title tags are necessary for Google’s interpretation. So never forget them!

7. Use keywords correctly.

If you know what keywords are used to search for information, you can create relevant content based on those terms.

Identify the keywords and add them correctly to your website’s tags.

The important thing is to absorb these words naturally. Google can detect abuse or inconsistent usage and penalize your site as a result.


As we have seen, a search engine optimized website will help you maintain a good position in Google SERPs and get more visits to your page.

Ultimately, SEO is a website’s most important organic traffic channel.

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